We have great experience in selecting super locations for outdoor advertisements, throughout Cairo, Giza and all other governorates. Plus the highways like Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, North Coast Desert Road, Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road, as well as El-Fayoum, and Ismailia highways. This existence and exposure that makes it possible for our clients to achieve targets and goals set as part of their advertising campaigns.

We also perform all engineering and execution work necessary to build chassis and road signs.

There are many forms of advertising chassis that we can do, whether outdoors or indoors, and these are:

1- Flex light boxes.
2- Drawing and painting work.
3- Frames for banner mounting on a laminated steel background, in addition to external lighting spots.
4- Dye-cut work outside or inside the frame equipped with external neon lights and spots.
5- 3D work, either metallic or fiber, in any shape.
6- Neon works, either fully exposed or exposed from one side, shaped as alphabets or any other shape or wrapped from all sides.
7- Advertising bill boards inside shops and restaurants in the form of:
a- Menu boards
b- Front flex light boxes.
c- Sculptures (Fiber).
D- Neon works.
e- Indoor hanging bill boards (foam and vinyl). 
F- Danglers.
g- Insertion of motion either in neon or moving bodies like spheres inside chassis.
H- All work of Alico bond.

All the above is produced to match premium quality in a relatively very short time, and is guaranteed to continue like that due to our dedicated follow-up and maintenance teams.